Monday, March 30, 2015

Pregnancy Update: 39 Weeks

39 Weeks

How far along? 39 weeks as of this last Thursday. 
Baby Size: As big as a watermelon! I certainly believe it because I feel like it!
  Total weight gain: 40 lbs. And I'm still hungry ALL the time.
 Maternity clothes? It's quite comical how most of my maternity shirts can't even cover this belly anymore! 
Stretch Marks? I think I might have one, but it's so hard to tell. I know this is the time to get them. Maybe you can tell more once you've delivered and everything starts shrinking?
Sleep: I've been experiencing more rough nights this week. I've been waking up hungry or with cramping and contractions and can't get back to sleep.
Best moment this week: Having my midwife appointment and just talking over all the last minute things with her. Everything is feeling so real. I'm really going to have this baby! I so look forward to the birth we are planning and having her there.
Miss Anything? Being able to sing with my full voice and all my breath. I love singing and it's hard not to be able to sing like I used to.
Movement: Still moving around a lot!
Food cravings: I'm loving fruit and lots of light things, because the weather has turned hot suddenly (80-90 degrees).
Gender Prediction: As my husband says, we feel it's a girl, but we think it's a boy. I really feel like it's a girl, but think most likely it's a boy (because of his family's track record with having boys!).
Symptoms: More Braxton hicks contractions, but no "real" contractions.
Mood:  I'm in good spirits, but I really hope baby comes soon, because I feel like my energy levels are plummeting with each day. I can't believe how heavy I feel, and I really want to be energized for the labor.
Looking forward to: The times I have planned with friends this week to keep me busy and occupied.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Pregnancy Update: 38 Weeks

38 Weeks

How far along? 38 weeks as of this last Thursday. 
Baby Size: About the size of a leek. Average baby size at this point is almost 7 lbs. The OB told us that the baby is small, but big babies run in my family, so we'll see.
  Total weight gain: 39 lbs. I'm still not sure how I gained this much! Except for the fact that this last month, I have been constantly hungry. I've forgotten what it feels like to feel full. 
 Maternity clothes? My mom bought me a few more maternity clothes, which was so nice of her. It's helpful to have even a few more pieces to make it through these last weeks.
Stretch Marks? Still none.
Sleep: I've been sleeping better this week, thankfully.
Best moment this week: Getting the OB appointment over with. Going there made me so much more thankful for my midwife and her excellent care. I can't wait to tell her how much I appreciate her at my next appointment! I never wait in her office, whereas at the OB's office we waited almost 2 hours before being seen. My midwife always speaks to me as if I am a partner in my health. Whereas, this OB as nice as he is, still seemed condescending.
Miss Anything? Being full and not having to eat all the time. But I suppose this won't change because I'll be nursing baby.
Movement: Baby's activity is about the same. But I have noticed that their active time is actually switching over more to day time than night time. Which is good!
Food cravings: Everything. I feel like a bottomless pit this week. I can't keep up with my appetite.
Gender Prediction: As my husband says, we feel it's a girl, but we think it's a boy. I really feel like it's a girl, but think most likely it's a boy (because of his family's track record with having boys!).
Symptoms: More and more pelvic pressure every day. 
Mood:  Feeling more "bleh" as I go into this next week. I'm glad that I got through the busyness of this last week, but I have almost nothing planned for next week and just sitting at home waiting around doesn't sound good either! I need to get a balance between doing too much and keeping myself busy in these last weeks!
Looking forward to: Having this baby! Pretty much everything is ready and we are just waiting at this point.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Baby Update: 37 Weeks

37 Weeks

*I'm moving to updating weekly instead of biweekly because I really want to document this last part of my pregnancy*

How far along? 37 weeks as of this last Thursday! I'm past the 37 week mark and it is now considered "safe" to have the baby with my midwife. 
Baby Size: About the size of a "mini watermelon."
  Total weight gain: 36ish lbs. I've stopped weighing myself at home and now just wait for my midwife appointments. 
 Maternity clothes? I just keep rotating through the few that still fit.
Stretch Marks? Still none, thankfully. My midwife mentioned that it could be because I've taking fish oil which really helps with skin elasticity. But it also could be genetics, because my mom didn't get any either. Although, there still could be four weeks to go!
Sleep: For most of the week, sleep was restless and interrupted. It's just so hard to get comfortable with such a big belly.
Best moment this week: Getting six crockpot freezer meals done and packed away in our fridge. And my friend coming over to help me put the last of the baby stuff away! I'm really starting to feel prepared.
Miss Anything? Being small.
Movement: Still kicking up a storm! Baby is moving so much and there have been so many more painful pokes and jabs lately because they are so strong. Baby also seems to like to flail all of its limbs at once and try to stretch itself out...
Food cravings: Fruit and sugar.
Gender Prediction: As my husband says, we feel it's a girl, but we think it's a boy. I really feel like it's a girl, but think most likely it's a boy (because of his family's track record with having boys!).
Symptoms: More contractions, but nothing falling into a regular pattern. My feet are hurting more also because of how much weight they're being forced to bear.
Mood:  I'm happy because of all the things we accomplished this week, like getting the carseat and buying the stroller, but I'm dreading this next week before it even begins because of all the things I have packed into it. I know I'm supposed to be slowing down, but instead it keeps feeling like I am squeezing "one last thing" in in many areas of my life. Yikes!
Looking forward to: Getting this week over. It may sound silly to dread it so much, but I have an appointment with my midwife's backup OB and I'm not looking forward to it. I hear he is an excellent OB but I don't look forward to going to a strange doctor's office where I know things will be so much different than the beautiful relaxed atmosphere of my midwife's office. I have to meet with him, however, in the case of a hospital transfer, so that I can go to a good OB instead of just being put into someone's random care. 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Pregnancy Update: 36 Weeks

36 Weeks

How far along? 36 weeks exactly today. For once I'm posting right on time!
Baby Size: About the size of a head of romaine lettuce.
  Total weight gain: 35 lbs. I think I will have gained 40 lbs. by the end, which is so much more than I thought I would! But I know it is still healthy and in the range of normal considering that I was small to start with.
 Maternity clothes? I have only two pairs of maternity pairs of pants that I wear regularly. And maybe 5 shirts. I'm so glad my mother bought me a bigger coat for Christmas because it's the only one I still fit and it's been very cold where we live recently.
Stretch Marks? Still none, thankfully. 
Sleep: Something happened this last week and I just stopped sleeping well for a while. I think it was mostly because of all the things on my mind that I felt I still needed to do before baby comes. Luckily, my mother stayed with me for the past three days and we got the majority of the things out of the way. I'm sleeping much better now. 
Best moment this week: Completing the nursery and having everything in its place. 
Miss Anything? Not going to lie, I miss being small. It's hard to be so large and keep bumping into things with my belly!
Movement: The baby likes to really let us know it's there! It's movements are so pronounced and it's fun to watch all the ripples and kicks on the belly.
Food cravings: Still wanting to eat healthy things mostly.
Gender Prediction:  I'm absolutely thinking girl. In fact, I almost wrote something about the baby on facebook using the pronoun "her" yesterday! All my dreams continue to be about a girl. It will be quite a surprise if it's a boy.
Symptoms: The baby dropped early this week. I noticed it first because I could sing in church, whereas before I could barely breathe. It's made it more comfortable in some ways, but I also have more pelvic pressure. I've noticed that my Braxton Hicks contractions are getting more painful, more frequent, and they don't just occur when I'm being very active.  
Mood:  I'm happy because things are in order at the house and I feel more prepared. Plus, I only have one week to go until I'm considered "safe" to have the baby with my midwife. 
Looking forward to: My baby shower on Saturday put on by my church! Oh, and getting my crockpot freezer meals put together next week with my sister-in-law. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Master Bedroom Update and Nursery Reveal

Back in October, I had mentioned that our master bedroom was the last room that needed to be finished at our house. At the time I had a to do list that seemed like it would take forever. And it did take four months....but finally, the bedroom is pretty much finished and all the baby stuff is organized and ready!

My to do list now looks like this:

  • Hang black shelves over corner desk
  • Purchase nightstand
  • Purchase and hang shelves over hamper
  • Sell leftover wedding items
  • Organize under bed
  • Organize my closet
  • Organize my husband's closet
  • Purchase crib

  • The crib is ready....

    The shelves are hung...

    We really tried to maximize our storage because our space is so small!

    I can finally relax knowing that we have the bulk of everything ready for the baby. I'm so thankful for my mother, because she stayed with us the past three days and helped me finish organizing everything. We washed all the baby clothes and cleaned almost the entire house. It is like a breath of fresh air knowing things are super clean, because I am definitely in that nesting stage of wanting to clean everything!

    This Saturday, I have one more baby shower (put on by my church this time), and then I trust we will be about as ready as we can be!

    Monday, March 2, 2015

    Sprucing up Baskets

    I've been trying to purchase baskets to hold baby stuff as the budget has allowed, and I had my eye on the ones that have those cute little chalkboard signs so you can label the contents. But because they are trendy they also seem to carry a ridiculously higher price tag...

    At one place I looked, a basket with one of those tags was $15 compared to one the same size without it at $8. I didn't want to pay a premium for the chalkboard signs, so I bought baskets I liked at TJ Maxx (which has great prices on baskets--by far the best I've seen for the quality) and made the chalkboard signs myself. 

    I bought little unpainted wood cutouts at Michaels for 30 cents each, painted them with chalkboard paint, and had my husband drill tiny holes on both sides. Then I laced string through them and attached them to the baskets. Voila! Chalkboard baskets without the price tag!