Tuesday, July 26, 2016

An Update!

I know it's been a long time since I've updated, and I've left everyone hanging after the exciting announcement that we might be moving. We did move and we love our new house, but between all of that and my pregnancy, blogging took a back seat! So what am I currently up to?

Well, this is my 41 week pregnant belly as of today:

I haven't done any of the bi-weekly updates here like I wish I had, but it was just too much this time. I have found I have just enough energy to keep up with my toddler, keep the house clean, do the gardening and laundry, and pull some dinner together. For my sanity, I have always prioritized having a clean house (I just can't think or function in a dirty/cluttered one), so other things have gone by the wayside now that most of my time is spent chasing after and entertaining my little guy.

I didn't really think I would still be pregnant at this point (aren't second babies supposed to come sooner?!), so I don't have any plans for the week other than my midwife appointment. Not having any plans when you are waiting for baby is the worst! I desperately want the distractions so that time will go faster!

Making brownies this afternoon

We are planning another homebirth this time, but I am completely open to how it will go. I have tests and an ultrasound on Thursday to see if fluid levels are good and the placenta is still functioning. If so, I can continue on with the pregnancy, but otherwise I would go to the hospital to be induced (as I was with my first). After 42 weeks, you cannot deliever with a midwife per state law, so we'll have to make decisions if I get to that point. For now, I'm still hopeful that I will go into spontaneous labor within this next week!